About Us

Our Mission:

To love God above all else and live the teachings of Jesus.

Our Vision:

On our continuing journey as a church family we are committed to:

  • celebrate the gift of life and the mysteries of the universe
  • grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s amazing grace
  • demonstrate, visibly and tangibly, our compassion within the community both near and far
  • dare to find new ways that will positively change the world for those in need and for future generations through sharing our love of Jesus Christ.

Our Values:

Spirituality and Faith:  We rely on the power of prayer and strive to see God more clearly through sharing His joys and blessings in our daily lives, and observing the beauty of His creation around us.

Worship and Music:  We worship joyfully, creatively share the good news of the gospel and glorify God through diverse music.

Outreach and Compassion:  We share our gifts willingly, reaching out into the community, nation and world.

History:  We value the stories of our past, helping us to accept change and lead us into the future.

Welcoming, Inclusive and Friendly:  We greet, enthusiastically and warmly, believers, seekers and the curious.

Fellowship: We experience joy and comfort in our hearts sharing the spirit of fellowship, friendship and love.

Our Credo:

We welcome all and share God’s joy.

Community  –  Compassion  –  Celebration